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30-03-2009 - Bear With Me at Illuminate Bristol

Big thanks to anyone who made it down to North Street over the weekend! The reel from the 'Spring forward' event that includes my animation 'Bear with me' should be available on the Illuminate Bristol Website very soon! x

18-03-2009 - New Painting

New painting 'Jellyfish' added to the paintings page ^-^

28-02-2009 - 'Bear With Me' screening at Barton Hill Animation Festival

If you happen to be in Bristol on Sunday 8th March, come the Barton Hill animation festival! It's only £2 entry, and not only is the PuppyFat animation 'Bear with me' being screened, but there's the BAFTA-nominated film 'Codswallop' by Brothers McLoed, talks by Sumo Science and an Aardman hour including Shaun the Sheep. Cant wait >.<

22-02-2009 - New Pixels!

I've been glued to my laptop and wacom recently, making girls and kitties and whole load of different hairstyles! Check out the pixels page for some treats

09-02-2009 - Wallpaper featured on Pixelgirl

'Kitties' desktop wallpaper has been featured on

Some higher resolution versions will be available soon!

Check out the website for some awesome desktop icons.

05-02-2009 - Save the date card

A save-the-date card I recently designed for the lovely Emily and Frazer - credit card size

12-01-09 - Sketches of Bourré

I recently stumbled across some drawings I made during a summer I spent teaching in France. I stayed in a magical cave-house.


Upcoming Exhibition and publication

My pop-up contribution to the Mail Me Art project is to be exhibited at the Red Gate Gallery, London, from Friday 3nd April until Thursday 9th April 2009.

It has also been selected from over 600 pieces to feature in the book, which is available for preorder on amazon.

05-12-08 - 'Bear With Me' up on 4mations

'Bear With Me' is now up on 4mations! It'd really help me if you wouldnt mind clicking here to rate the film or to leave a comment >.< Thanks!! x

13-11-08 - 'Bear With Me' showing at Bradford Animation festival

The animation that I produced during my residency at the National Media Museum is going to be premiered today at 5:30pm at the Bradford Animation festival. I will be posting the final version on here soon, in the meantime, here is an interview by Jamie Evans, taken while I was still working in the booth >.<
My film, along with the 3 others made in the AYUP booth, are also going to be on loop in the Cinema Space of the Animation Gallery, in the National Media Museum for the duration of the festival (Nov 12th - 15th.)
I miss that place

20-10-2008 - PuppyFat greetings cards

The illustration hand.heart is now available as a mini greetings card
For details of how you can get your paws on some just wing me a message. They're £1 each with free P+P!

28-09-2008 - Animation Residency at the National Media Museum

I've recently started a short term residency at the National Media Museum in Bradford. I'm making a stop motion animation about a girl and a bear and a forest. Its very messy fun :) I'm keeping a blog of my progress on the AYUP Myspace page, and hopefully the final produuct shall be available there eventually too >.<

04-08-2008 - New Drawing

New drawing 'hand.heart' added to the drawings page >.<

14-07-2008 - Feature on

Earlier this week, PuppyFat was featured on Thanks for the nice comments Sesame!

17-06-2008 - 1st Place at Bristol Design Festival!

Last Friday Evening was the opening show of Brsitol Design Festival, where my table design 'Cocoon' came first place in the grafikea contest >.< I was also interviewed by Phil Hammond on BBC Radio Bristol the next morning to talk about the design.

The contest was to buy a 'Lack' table from Ikea and modify it in any way you liked. These are the features I added:
  • The retractable Canopy is made from recycled wire, ribbons, and sheer white cotton. It allows for a private space to work/plot mischief.
  • I made a cushon cover from one of my brother's old curtains. There's a circle of velcro sewn to the top, so that it can be stuck on the underside of the table when not in use.
  • A set of fairy lights are attached to the inside of the hood with ribbon ties. They're charged by a battery pack thats also velcro'd under the table, so can easily removed if young kids are around.
  • 16-04-2008

    The Percect Day Festival website which I've been working on with Burning Origami for the last couple of months is now live! Nice logo eh


    This is the cover I made for somebody called Chris at a recent CD-mix swap. The theme was 'guilty pleasures' which was quite hard - I could only really guess which tunes people would consider shameful.

    Sadly the CD I got back was in mp3 so all I get out of my hifi is crackle. Maybe that was the point?


    New Painting, 'Goose'

    Also, take a peek at the drawings page for a picture of a kind big bear, a scary lady and a partycat

    20-02-2008 - New Drawings!

    February's dose of pencil sketches:

    28-01-2008 - New Paintings Uploaded!


    Upload succuss! Even though there are a host of larger paintings I still have to get upline, PuppyFat lives!


    Happy Christmas 2007! I spent the morning knitting posk's present in front of cartoons. I was given some awesome gifts too, including a totoro filofax, an 'angel glockenspiel' and a spanking new graphics tablet yumyum